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Body shops in Renton, Washington can either specialize in vehicle recovery or vehicle collision repair. The cost of these services will be different, but most can be competitive with local collision repair centers. Some people may believe that vehicle collisions result in lower costs, but the opposite is true. After receiving a large bill for collision repair, many individuals may believe that body shops only make money by taking fees from clients who suffer needlessly. It is important for clients to research which collision centers accept their vehicle insurance, because not all do. It is also important for the client to research the rates the body shop charges for its services.

Another aspect of body work that should be researched before choosing an auto repair shop is their insurance coverage and sales tax rate. Body shops often have an existing relationship with an insurance provider, which helps them maintain low overhead and high productivity. If an insurance provider refused to provide coverage, or rated the body work shop poorly, the business could suffer financially. Insurance providers also allow a small percentage of body work to be covered by the sales tax, which can be beneficial to many businesses.

Many shop owners state that the reason they purchase OEM parts is so they can customize their vehicles. This is important, but it is also necessary for customers to know that, if the vehicle requires OEM parts, the cost can increase. Oftentimes, vehicle owners will request different aftermarket accessories that will help improve the performance of their vehicle. Unfortunately, some aftermarket accessories are made from OEM parts which means that the shop cannot claim any increase in profits for customizing the vehicle.

In addition, many people are unaware that federal and local laws prohibit auto repair shops from discriminating against customers. According to these laws, body shops cannot ask customers whether they are eligible for insurance or assistance. Similarly, sales tax laws require auto repair shops to inform clients of their sales tax if they are using a part that is not on the auto repair list. This helps prevent shop employees from asking customers about this or other personal information, which can lead to discrimination. Since the majority of states have a law mandating that auto repair shops disclose this information, it is important for clients to research and shop within their own state before making their final decision.

In order to keep their businesses operating and providing quality service to their customers, collision repair shops are required by law to disclose to both potential customers and their insurance company certain information regarding their operations. Body shops may not discriminate based on age, gender, marital status, religion, national origin, political views, or disability. Therefore, it is imperative that body shop employees must treat all of their customers equally regardless of whether or not they have insurance or not. Doing so can help avoid situations where customers are treated unfairly due to an inability to pay, which can ultimately put shop owners at risk for damages that exceed their insurance coverage.

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